Welcome to East Coast Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
ROXX is a brand of household products that has been styling round the clock lifestyles. It includes a range of Cookware, Glassware, Giftware, Pure Lock, Pure Steel, Opal dinnerware and electronic kitchen appliances. ROXX products bring a touch of affordable style and value-of-money quality to everyday chores.

At the heart of the ROXX experience is a dedication towards understanding what the consumer needs and providing the right product to make life easier. With ROXX in the home, consumers will be able to multi-task with ease, secure in the knowledge that ROXX is close at hand to serve every need.

East Coast Distributors, the name behind ROXX, has 20 years of experience in the indian tableware industry. The organisation serves consumers across the country through its intensive network of offices and channel partners.