Kitchen Storage

A Kitchen Storage Container is used to hold food at room temperature, in the refrigerator, or in the kitchen. There are several options available for storing food in any of these manners. Before selecting the type of container to use, several factors must be taken into consideration.

Consider the type of storage (room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen), the food being stored, length of storage, and storage space. The container can be a plastic container or glass container.

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  1. Roxx Trigo Square Jar 1200 ML

    Special Price ₹283 was ₹315
  2. Roxx Trigo Square Jar 1700 ML

    Special Price ₹337 was ₹375
  3. Roxx Chic Jar Set 2 Pc ( 700 ML)

    Special Price ₹419 was ₹465
  4. Roxx Shazam Round Jar 1000 ML

    Special Price ₹225 was ₹250
  5. Roxx Trigo Square Jar 2 Pcs Set 450 ML

    Special Price ₹382 was ₹425
  6. Roxx Trigo Square Jar 2100 ML

    Special Price ₹365 was ₹405
  7. Roxx Charisma Jar 1550 ML

    Special Price ₹625 was ₹695
  8. Roxx Diva Jar 1800 ML

    Special Price ₹563 was ₹625
  9. Roxx Moonbright 2 Pcs Jar Set

    Special Price ₹437 was ₹485

9 Items

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